Your horses ready to start the adventure... "Pudú" - Tiny deer unique from Chile... Mushrooms living in a tree trunk. Enjoying a bath in a wooden tube. Setting up for a trip in Kayak. A trip in Kayak. Oxen having the rest they diserve... No matter the clothing, an irresistible pond. Typical wetland of the fiord. A marine painting done by nature. One of the sunsets you can live in "Río Puelo". One of the secret places in "Puelo" River. A colt, your future server at Río Puelo horse rides. Black neck swans waiting to be pictured. Crossing a river by shallow waters during a horse ride. Let's Ride far and ahead, that's what we call adventure. Riding a horse through the deep of the native forest. A timber bridge typical from the south of Chile. Ferns, a miniature jungle. One of the thousands of mushroom varieties found here. Crossing a creek by a Tyrol style rope. A house covered by "alerce" wood tiles typical from the south. The landscape after a springtime snow. A mountain arises taut and majestic from the clouds. A rustic but cozy shelter for resting during the quest. One of the ferries joining the ports of the zone. Going deep in the wild native forest. One of the impressive waterfalls you will see here. A full view of the waterfall, and the lake that receives it. "Quitral" or "quintral" flower, a beautiful parasite of trees. A "Monster" moth , the queen of night masquerade. A dead trunk gives room to a new life. The River is swallowed by a rock throat and breaks out. "Cabalgatas Río Puelo" Horse Rides "workers", at lunch. Apples in the orchard, deliciously natural. A "Monster" moth on its day time refuge. The crystalline water of this pond in the River wait for you. One of the thousands of little waterfalls in the trail. Attempting to fish a succulent trout. Crossing a rustic bridge of "alerce" lumber. Preparing a horse for a short ride around the camping. So taimed that even a chid can ride it. Beginning a little adventure. Ready to mount and start a ride around. Being guided at first helps you to feel more self-confident. A short and pleasant roundabouts ride. A fire-side BBQ to have lunch back from the adventure. The wine is settled by the bonfire so it gets slightly warm. While the BBQ is ready, a classic, the picture of the hungry group. BBQ is ready, and another classic, the picture while you eat. Let's have a good time remembering the happenings of the trip... A data show viewing of the pictures taken during the adventure. Getting the horses on the rope pulled ferry to cross " Puelo" River. Pulling the rope to take the ferry across the "Puelo Grande" River. Crossing "Puelo Chico" River by shallow waters to go far ahead. Crossing a summit to go to a higher one. Crossing a hangging bridge to follow the trail. Crossing a shallow river that crossed our trail. Trekking to reach the end of a trail. On top of one of the peaks surrounding the valley. Impressive sight from the conquered summits. Ancient Mapuche paintings on the rocks One of the turquoise water ponds hidden by this nature. The whole group celebrating the summit reached in our trail. Crossing a rivulet by a Tyrol style rope bridge. One of the many river bends we will see along the trails. The broad "Puelo Grande" River. Fishing along the border of "Puelo Chico" River. One of the hundrieds of water slides that cross our trail. The mountain and the valley waiting for your adventure.