Horse Rides - "Cabalgatas Río Puelo" - Tenth Region - Chile.
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 "Poicas" Valley

"Poicas" Valley 2

 "Candelaria" Lagoon
 "Alerce Catedral" Tree
 Three lakes
 "Logrado" Glacier
 "Week End" (3 days)




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This is a remarkable way to go deep in the habitat of wild fauna in Patagonia. There are trails designed to know millenary "Alerces" or "Logrado" glacier, to come into contact with diverse and far natural spots, some of them still unexplored. This is high level adventure suitable for most travelers.

  • All trekking trips Include:
    - A local guide with broad experience and know-how in Eco-tourism.
    - Meals according to the hired program.
    - First Aid Kit
    - Double fastening saddles.
    - Equipment: Trekking sticks.
    - Zoom Glasses for bird watching

Prices vary according to the number of people and journey. Please ask through any of our contact means.

You can get to "Río Puelo" from "Puerto Montt" or "Puerto Varas".

Through "Puerto Montt" route. By "Carretera Austral" highway, arriving to "Caleta Arena" and crossing "Estuario del Reloncaví" estuary by ferry, you can get by car or the vans that departure daily from the "terra-puerto" station of "Puerto Montt" at 16:45 hrs. going directly to "Río Puelo".

Through "Puerto Varas" route. The way is a little longer, you take the road to "Ensenada", and then arriving to "Ralún" and "Cochamó" "Río Puelo" is just 43 Km. far. Departures from "Terra- Puerto" bus station in "Puerto Montt" are at 8:00 A.M., 12 A.M., 16:00 hrs. and they leave you right at the door of "Camping Cabalgatas Río Puelo".

Note: For full day trekking trips. When you choose the alternative of coming by bus, it will be necessary that you arrive the day before and pass the night in our camping place. That night is included in the price but not the dinner, you would have to pay extra for it or bring something to prepare in the bonfire place. The return from the horse ride will be after the hour the last bus has left, so the lodging for that 2nd night and the breakfast next morning are price included.